Barcelona > Bologna > Rome > Valencia

We spent a little time recently in Europe recharging our design batteries and searching for unique culinary experiences…we also conducted a little business here and there.  We could go into great detail but let’s keep it simple: 1.) Gaudi…wow! 2.) La Boqueria (Barcelona) – yes, some things are still crawling…that means it’s fresh, whack it over the head and let them cook it for you…delicious 3.) Roma! Food – yes please, Architecture – amazing, Food…yep, I realize I’m being repetitive.  After the food be sure to level out with a little “Pastis” and don’t forget the water back.

DSC_0092Barcelona Market 1

 Casa Mila – Gaudi


Casa Milla

 Casa Mila Interior – Gaudi

Casa Milla Interior


 Casa Batllo – Gaudi

Casa MillaDSC_0089

 Arch of Constantine + Coliseum – Rome


After Rome we spent a little time in Bologna Italy…evidently the Ducati factory and museum closes on the weekends which was very disappointing; I know you know how much we love Ducati.  To top it all off we got into a small altercation with local pick pockets…but hey, we both came home with our wallets – enough said…no pictures.

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