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Pendulum is a Kansas City, Missouri-based architectural practice that specializes in the design and documentation of sports facilities.  Our track record as experts in facility assessment, fan experience enhancement, capital improvement planning, and phased facility maintenance support has promoted the economic sustainability of our clients’ municipal assets.  Instead of designing for the sake of design, Pendulum attacks projects from the vantage point of the operator.  Simply put – we are pro forma based designers, we design with the purpose of maximizing the use of every square-inch of the facility which fosters increased foot traffic, efficient repetitive use, enhanced patron comfort, and increased owner/operator revenue.  Our design promotes a lifestyle rather than just a project.

In 2007, the principal/owner of Pendulum, Jonathan O’Neil Cole, had a vision of opening an entrepreneurial practice devoted to strategy-oriented projects and client-centered relationships. As an expert in an array of architectural building types, he has focused our practice on community enhancement and sports facility design. Just as a Pendulum is smooth, balanced, in perpetual motion and elegant harmony, this visual metaphor aptly describes our design philosophy and process, we capture the vibrant interaction between shape, motion, and form.

A key difference between Pendulum and other firms is the fact that when you select Pendulum you get dedicated, direct, and continuous involvement of the principal owner of the firm. Our principal/owner is a “working principal” so the high expectations we have outlined for our staff is the same expectation of our principal as it relates all aspects of project delivery including sketching, drafting, 3D modeling, project documentation, and exhibiting an overall knowledge of advanced industry technology, market trends, and thought-leadership.

  • Address: 1512 Holmes Street Kansas City, MO 64108
  • Website: http://www.pendulumkc.com
  • Telephone: 816.335.3030
  • Fax: 816.335.3040

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