Devan Case


Devan Case is a founding principal of Pendulum Studio, a Kansas City, MO based architectural practice that specializes in the design and documentation of civic structures, multi-family housing, and sports facilities.  Case is responsible for regional and national business development, design, and management of civic and community projects that range in value from one to fifty million dollars each. An accomplished designer, business manager, community advocate and sustainability facilitator, Case is a leader who uses his multi-faceted talents to create lasting value for clients, their projects and the people they serve.

Case’ passion for developing strong communities is clear in his work.  A recent example of this is his work with Swope Community Builders as the Master Architect to create an urban neighborhood design standard and master plan for one of the few remaining sections of the downtown Kansas City loop left to be developed; this area is known as East Village.

Devan is a graduate of the Kansas City Chamber of Commerce Centurions Leadership program, and is an active member of the local and state chapters of the American Institute of Architects.  Case has led design efforts on over thirty civic and community projects in the past twenty years.  During this time he has worked in the capacity of market leader, project manager and project architect with a number of internationally recognized architecture firms including HOK Sport, HNTB Corporation, and BNIM Architects.


Bachelor of Architecture, 1994 – University of Kansas

Project Experience:

Civic/Commercial Architecture

*Kansas City Ballet – Kansas City, MO

*Noisiette Master Plan – Noisette, NC

*Freight House Bridge – Kansas City, MO

*City Union Mission – Kansas City, MO

*Science City Ticketing – Kansas City, MO

*Ford Learning Center – Kansas City, MO

*City Hall Parking – Kansas CIty, MO

*Columbus Park Housing – Kansas City, MO

Mt. Cleveland Housing Master Plan – Kansas City, MO

East Village Master Plan – Kansas City, MO

East Village Apartments – Kansas City, MO (2012 EDC Cornerstone Award Recipient)

Swope Health Center South – Kansas City, MO

Bethany Medical Clinic – Kansas City, KS

Crossfirst Bank Renovation – Overland Park, KS

Cosentino’s Parking Garage Hospitality Building – Kansas City, MO

The Guild – Kansas City, MO (2013 NOMA Design Citation)

Crosstown Substation – Kansas City, MO

Major League Baseball

*Coors Field – Denver, CO

*Angel Stadium Renovation – Anaheim, CA

Minor League Baseball

*U. S. Steelyard – Gary, IN

*O’Brien Field – Peoria, IL

*Newark Bears Ballpark – Newark, NJ

*Hohokam Park – Mesa, AZ


*Phillips Arena – Atlanta, GA

An asterisk indicates work completed at another firm

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