About Us

1512_holmes__open office

We are more than a studio, more than architects, more than designers, we are a movement – a movement that creates the right solutions that perform beyond expectation, beyond definition.  Our firm is built on the simple principle of enhancing every aspect of the human experience.

In 2007, the principal owners of Pendulum, Devan Case and Jonathan Cole shared a vision to open a practice devoted to strategy-oriented projects and client-centered relationships.  As experts in an array of architectural types, we have focused our practice on community enhancement, specialty projects, and sports facility design.  Just as a pendulum is smooth and balanced, in perpetual motion and elegant harmony, this visual metaphor aptly describes our design philosophy and process, our ability to capture the vibrant interaction between shape, motion, and form.

As architects, we create building and spaces that shape how people interact with each other at work, at play and in their private lives, today and into the future.  Instead of designing for the sake of design or imposing pre-conceived solutions, our approach is grounded in context.

Our commitment to contextual design ensures that our solutions are appropriate to the structure and composition of the project, while our expertise, flexibility and agility allow us to deliver designs that timeless and creative.  Transforming strategy into design, our work is enduring because it serves the business needs of our clients, realizes the potential of their projects and helps sustain their communities.

Pendulum: Design for the right place at the right time.

  • Address: 1512 Holmes Street Kansas City, MO 64108
  • Website: http://www.pendulumkc.com
  • Telephone: 816.335.3030
  • Fax: 816.335.3040

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