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February 26, 2016 / Pendulum

Jimmy John’s Field Update

Camera 2


Spring is almost upon us and our ballpark projects scheduled to open this 2016 season are taking shape.  Jimmy John’s Field located in Utica, MI is small in size but loaded with amenities that rival most affiliated ballparks.  The list of features include:

  • Dugout suites (5)
  • Dugout level group seating (four top tables)
  • Premium home plate club/bar
  • Outdoor cabana suites (12)
  • Elevated concourse (2,000 seats)
  • Sky boxes (6)
  • Field level party pavilions (2)
  • Right field grass berm
  • Right field whiffle ball field
  • Left field VIP tent

Although it may sound cliche, it is clear from the video that there is not one bad seat in the entire ballpark – from every vantage point you will literally be right on top of the action.  We are in eager anticipation of opening day scheduled for May 30, 2016.  Stay tuned for our next update that will feature an interior design narrative by our lead designer Lauren Gripka.

August 8, 2015 / Pendulum

The Details Episode 3 – Office Ambiance

About a year ago we embarked upon the complicated journey of designing and building our own space.  The only thing that I can imagine being more complicated is an Architect designing his or her own home.  Think about it….depending on the type of architect you aspire to be, your home says a lot about who you are and the things you think about.  The same is true of the office, most people can “thin slice” who they think you are within five minutes of walking in your space – after all, “perception is reality”.  So the question that requires answering is who and what do we want to be? Are we small independents, basic designers, corporate machines, playful and artsy, entrepreneurs, a sweat shop, mission focussed, completly lost, all business, not enough business?  The answer is yes to all of the above…sometimes more heavily slanted in one direction then the other, It’s all part of our evolution as a company.

What I value the most about what we’ve spent almost nine years building as a brand is the fact that we can be ANYTHING – we don’t strive to fit within a given formula.  As a policy I refuse to try to convince people that “we’re different”, or “we’re innovative”, or “we listen.  Our passion for the work reveals who and what we are, which has resulted in a number of successes while at the same time exposing areas of weakness that require attention.  We will continue to evolve as a company.

So in answer to the question: Why did you paint a giant motorcycle on the wall of your studio?  The simple answer is it felt more right than framing and hanging a bunch of pictures of our built projects…at least that’s how we feel today, who knows what tomorrow will bring – after all…it’s only paint.


Dale Frommelt/EGG Design – Amazing neighbor, artist, designer, muralist, welder, and Friday afternoon beer buddy…pretty awesome overall!

Matt Mooney/RW2 Studios – Always in the right place at the right time…thanks for the help with the go pro!

DJ House Shoes – “Empire Reprise (instrumental)” off the “Let It Go” LP…what up Shoes!

January 9, 2015 / Pendulum

Hartford, CT Planning & Zoning Commission Votes In Favor of Special Use Permit For DoNo Stadium

Pendulum/Newman Architects/SLAM Collaborative were selected by the City of Hartford, CT to design the proposed new Class AA Eastern League ballpark for the New Britain Rock Cats who intend to relocate to the proposed new Downtown North Hartford Development (DoNo) for the 2016 season.  After several weeks of testimony and revisions to satisfy conditions of approval the commission unanimously voted this evening in favor of granting a special use permit allowing the proposed stadium to proceed as designed at the intersection of Main and Trumbull.  The following images illustrate our progress with the stadium design to date.


Aerial view at the corner of Trumbull and Windsor


View at the corner of Main and Trumbull


Main Street elevation at dusk


Home plate entry view at the corner of Main and Pleasant


Aerial view at the corner of Windsor and Pleasant

January 7, 2015 / Pendulum

Opening 2015 – AutoZone Park Renovation – Memphis, TN


The Memphis Redbirds hosted an open house for the press today announcing renovations to AutoZone Park already under way.  The renovations will be completed for the 2015 season.  We are honored to have been selected by the City of Memphis, TN and the St. Louis Cardinals to lead the effort as Architect of Record and Interior Designer.


New Home Plate Premium Club


Home Plate Premium Club – Open Air


New First Base Premium Billiards Club


Renovated Premium Suite Interior


Renovated Premium Suite Interior – Field Facing View

4 topps

New Outdoor Club Seating


New Left Field Berm & Bar

December 1, 2014 / Pendulum

The Details Episode 02 – Color + Couture 2014 (Full Length Video)

IIDA Kansas City hosted their largest event of the year, Color + Couture 2014 where models walk the runway wearing fashions made from carpet, tile, wall coverings, and other interior materials created by local architecture and interior design firms.  Pendulum and Museo were teamed together to design a look using BuzziSpace Felt Fabric.  This video provides a behind the scenes look at our night backstage and on the runway.


IIDA Kansas City – Thanks for organizing such a wonderful event.

Museo + Trinh Trieu – Spectacular collaborators…we loved working with the BuzziSpace felt fabric

John Iiams – Watch the video…dude put it down

Lauren Cruz – Our resident compass

Timmy Trabon – Amazing video and editing…”rumble young man rumble”

Next Up: The Details Episode 03 – A day in the hood with the Wade Brothers

November 26, 2014 / Pendulum

Countdown To The Official Video Release Of “The Details Episode 02” – 2014 Color + Couture

Pendulum in conjunction with Museo participated in IIDA’s “Color + Couture” this year where we were honored with the “Haute Couture” Award.

The official full length video will be released this Friday November 28th so stay tuned…in the meantime we thought we’d give you a quick 15 second snapshot of our night on the runway.  Be sure to watch for our model “Mr. Iiams” rocking Pendulum’s signature motorcycle garb.

#Pendulum_KC #Museo #We_Ride

May 20, 2014 / Pendulum

Incorporation Day – Seven Year Anniversary!

Project Collage

When Devan and I started Pendulum the industry standard was three years before you’d be considered a real business.  As the economic downturn reared its ugly head five years was the new normal…and now we hear ten is what it takes before the industry takes you seriously.  Well, 5/18/2014 made seven years in the game and the Pendulum is still swinging.  Are we real?  I guess that depends on who you talk to, but as the resident realist I will say that it has been an honor to contribute to the built environment with the projects featured in the collage above.  In behalf of our naysayers and despite our reputation for upsetting the apple cart I suppose we’ll hold off on having any major parties until year ten, but in the meantime we’ll keep grinding, hustling, competing, growing, and broadening our horizons…the next evolution for us is right around the corner.

Many thanks to all of our families, friends, staff, clients, and collaborators for inspiring us to keep it moving.