East Village Apartments Update

Turning the Corner

The East Village master plan is well under way with 75% of construction on the phase one apartment building complete.  Finishing touches on the brick and stucco envelope as well as installation of balcony railings, balcony deck material, metal facias and architectural lighting will bring exterior work to a conclusion just in time for cold weather conditions. Major progress is being made on interior finishes and painting with carpeting and millwork almost complete on the third and fourth floors.

Window Seat

One of the key elements of our early design concept was a focus on views from living spaces within the apartments out to the surrounding built environment.  This called for oversized window openings with operable panels a bit more advanced than standard double hung units.  Although it was a major fight through value engineering sessions to preserve this element of the design, we feel the final outcome was well worth the effort.  Even with the separate development of a parking garage along the western edge of our site we were able to preserve vistas to the horizon as illustrated below.

View From 4th Floor - Behind Glass
View From 4th Floor - Open Window

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2 thoughts on “East Village Apartments Update”

  1. Great work guys! I really like the overall and finer patterns, clean contrasts and the monoliths of material. Was the parking garage part of the scope as well? Congrats on the near completion + eager to see more photos!

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