The Details Episode 3 – Office Ambiance

About a year ago we embarked upon the complicated journey of designing and building our own space.  The only thing that I can imagine being more complicated is an Architect designing his or her own home.  Think about it….depending on the type of architect you aspire to be, your home says a lot about who you are and the things you think about.  The same is true of the office, most people can “thin slice” who they think you are within five minutes of walking in your space – after all, “perception is reality”.  So the question that requires answering is who and what do we want to be? Are we small independents, basic designers, corporate machines, playful and artsy, entrepreneurs, a sweat shop, mission focussed, completly lost, all business, not enough business?  The answer is yes to all of the above…sometimes more heavily slanted in one direction then the other, It’s all part of our evolution as a company.

What I value the most about what we’ve spent almost nine years building as a brand is the fact that we can be ANYTHING – we don’t strive to fit within a given formula.  As a policy I refuse to try to convince people that “we’re different”, or “we’re innovative”, or “we listen.  Our passion for the work reveals who and what we are, which has resulted in a number of successes while at the same time exposing areas of weakness that require attention.  We will continue to evolve as a company.

So in answer to the question: Why did you paint a giant motorcycle on the wall of your studio?  The simple answer is it felt more right than framing and hanging a bunch of pictures of our built projects…at least that’s how we feel today, who knows what tomorrow will bring – after all…it’s only paint.


Dale Frommelt/EGG Design – Amazing neighbor, artist, designer, muralist, welder, and Friday afternoon beer buddy…pretty awesome overall!

Matt Mooney/RW2 Studios – Always in the right place at the right time…thanks for the help with the go pro!

DJ House Shoes – “Empire Reprise (instrumental)” off the “Let It Go” LP…what up Shoes!

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