VenuesNow All-Stars Rountable Follow Up

VenuesNow All-Stars Rountable Video

After being named a member of the VenuesNow 2020 All-Stars class, Our CEO Jonathan O’Neil Cole was invited to join a Facebook Live roundtable of industry experts. The panel moderated by Jeff Nickler of the Oak View Group was held on October 22nd covering a number of relevant topics currently on the minds of many.

To view a recording of the Facebook Live broadcast click the link above. The hour long program covers topics for conversation that include:

  1. The impact of COVID19 on daily business operations
  2. Thoughts on public assembly post COVID19 – See Pendulum’s thoughts in white paper releases: Part One & Part Two
  3. Diversity & Inclusion in the Sports Marketplace
VenuesNow All-Star Panelists

VenuesNow 2020 All-Stars Selection Criteria:

COVID-19 stopped the live industry in its tracks in March and left event professionals with many more questions than answers. Many of the 2020 honorees stood out for their ideas and efforts to revive the business in the face of a pandemic and make important changes necessary for fans to return to sporting events and concerts. The VenuesNow moderator sat down with a select group of 2020 VenuesNow All-Stars to talk about how they navigated 2020 and what the future holds for the venue and facility business.

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