Pendulum’s 10 Year Anniversary Countdown Day 11

Day 11

Remember that time Pendulum won the “Haute Couture” Award at IIDA Kansas City’s 2014 Color + Couture Runway Competition…

Pendulum’s John Iiams in his runway gear…they wouldn’t let us roll the motorcycle down the runway, even though we tried.



Pendulum’s 10 Year Anniversary Countdown Day 08

Day 08

Remember that time we updated our branding…

Interesting Fact:

Chris Evans of “You’re Welcome” put work in…oh yeah, “Thank you”.

The Details Episode 02 – Color + Couture 2014 (Full Length Video)

IIDA Kansas City hosted their largest event of the year, Color + Couture 2014 where models walk the runway wearing fashions made from carpet, tile, wall coverings, and other interior materials created by local architecture and interior design firms.  Pendulum and Museo were teamed together to design a look using BuzziSpace Felt Fabric.  This video provides a behind the scenes look at our night backstage and on the runway.


IIDA Kansas City – Thanks for organizing such a wonderful event.

Museo + Trinh Trieu – Spectacular collaborators…we loved working with the BuzziSpace felt fabric

John Iiams – Watch the video…dude put it down

Lauren Cruz – Our resident compass

Timmy Trabon – Amazing video and editing…”rumble young man rumble”

Next Up: The Details Episode 03 – A day in the hood with the Wade Brothers

Countdown To The Official Video Release Of “The Details Episode 02” – 2014 Color + Couture

Pendulum in conjunction with Museo participated in IIDA’s “Color + Couture” this year where we were honored with the “Haute Couture” Award.

The official full length video will be released this Friday November 28th so stay tuned…in the meantime we thought we’d give you a quick 15 second snapshot of our night on the runway.  Be sure to watch for our model “Mr. Iiams” rocking Pendulum’s signature motorcycle garb.

#Pendulum_KC #Museo #We_Ride

Incorporation Day – Seven Year Anniversary!

Project Collage

When Devan and I started Pendulum the industry standard was three years before you’d be considered a real business.  As the economic downturn reared its ugly head five years was the new normal…and now we hear ten is what it takes before the industry takes you seriously.  Well, 5/18/2014 made seven years in the game and the Pendulum is still swinging.  Are we real?  I guess that depends on who you talk to, but as the resident realist I will say that it has been an honor to contribute to the built environment with the projects featured in the collage above.  In behalf of our naysayers and despite our reputation for upsetting the apple cart I suppose we’ll hold off on having any major parties until year ten, but in the meantime we’ll keep grinding, hustling, competing, growing, and broadening our horizons…the next evolution for us is right around the corner.

Many thanks to all of our families, friends, staff, clients, and collaborators for inspiring us to keep it moving.

Barcelona > Bologna > Rome > Valencia

We spent a little time recently in Europe recharging our design batteries and searching for unique culinary experiences…we also conducted a little business here and there.  We could go into great detail but let’s keep it simple: 1.) Gaudi…wow! 2.) La Boqueria (Barcelona) – yes, some things are still crawling…that means it’s fresh, whack it over the head and let them cook it for you…delicious 3.) Roma! Food – yes please, Architecture – amazing, Food…yep, I realize I’m being repetitive.  After the food be sure to level out with a little “Pastis” and don’t forget the water back.

DSC_0092Barcelona Market 1

 Casa Mila – Gaudi


Casa Milla

 Casa Mila Interior – Gaudi

Casa Milla Interior


 Casa Batllo – Gaudi

Casa MillaDSC_0089

 Arch of Constantine + Coliseum – Rome


After Rome we spent a little time in Bologna Italy…evidently the Ducati factory and museum closes on the weekends which was very disappointing; I know you know how much we love Ducati.  To top it all off we got into a small altercation with local pick pockets…but hey, we both came home with our wallets – enough said…no pictures.

The “Chocolate Me” Pop-Up Cafe…revisited

A couple of years ago we were honored to make the acquaintance of Mr. Shane Evans, the illustrator of numerous award-winning books for children, including “Black Jack: The Ballad of Jack Johnson”, and “Osceola: Memories of a Sharecropper’s Daughter”, winner of the Boston Globe – Horn Book Award.

Initially, we just sat down in the studio an vibed…we talked about our “instinctive travels”, life, love, design, music, art…etc.  I think we all quickly realized how small the world really is as it relates to our circle of friends and key influencers and ultimately how passionate we are about global entrepreneurship and philanthropy, in thought and practice.  Our conversation progressed from talking about our individual goals to thinking about how similar we are in our collaborative natures, which quickly lead us to conclude that we’ve got to work together on something meaningful.

At that time we had been working feverishly on R&D prototypes for disaster relief modules (which I refer to as our legos – see slide show below).  Devan had recently returned from his second trip to Port Au Prince, Haiti post earthquake and we were sharing some of the high and low points of our concepts based upon Devan’s intel from having boots on the ground.  Shane began sharing with us excerpts from a children’s book he had been illustrating in collaboration with his childhood friend Taye Diggs.  Shane described the book as a movement in two words…“Chocolate Me”.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you haven’t seen the book be sure to check it out at  It’s a heartwarming journey of a child’s struggle with wanting to fit in until he realizes that there’s actually something “sweet” about our individual differences.  With that as our theme we started re-conceptualizing one of our “lego” modules as a pop-up cupcake stand/cafe aimed at fueling the movement and promoting the essence of “Chocolate Me”…the “sweet” that exists within all of us.

We look forward to continuing our journey with Mr. Evans…and if you happen upon one of our stands in downtown Kansas City, or Chicago, or Los Angeles, or New York, or wherever in the near future…be sure to stop, eat a cupcake, read the book, grab a T-Shirt, join the movement!