The Guild KC – The Latest Photo Shoot

Wedding Shot

We recently finished up a photo shoot of the event space and studio highlighting a few of the unique details.  It’s funny how we often take for granted all the little touches here and there, especially when you’re so close to the project.  In any case, the posted photos are a nice stroll down memory lane.

The Guild KC is a multi-use space designed to be a hub of creativity and a place for local artists, musicians and builders to gather, work and play.   The building program includes an outdoor garden, large open interior, and office mezzanine that is home to an internationally recognized photography studio.  The interior design is meant to communicate the notion of timeless craft with hints of contemporary geometries that are highlighted by down-to-earth raw materials.  This design methodology thoughtfully compliments the personality of the building Owners.

Consideration was given to sustainability throughout the project – the space is equipped with elements that welcome natural light and showcase reclaimed materials in ceilings, countertops and floors. The incorporation of white Subway tile complimented by hand-made Edison bulb wall sconces attribute to a nostalgic feel throughout. The hand assembled chandelier serves as the focal piece of the event space.

The Studio Before…

The Studio...Before

Existing Reception View

The Studio After…

Studio View

Studio View 2

Reception Desk

The Details…

Kitchen Deck

Reclaimed Casework

Wood Slat Office

Desk Wall Detail

Washroom Wood

Low Loft View

High Loft View

Business in the front…party in the back

skateboard 01


Project Information

Design Build Team

  • Architect of Record – Pendulum
  • Construction Manager – Pendulum
  • Co-Designer – Dale Frommelt, Egg Design
  • Custom Furniture & Installation – Dale Frommelt, Egg Design
  • Steel Fabrication – Pascal Meya, Meya Metalworks
  • Comic Relief – Pascal Meya, Meya Metalworks

Random Facts

  • 12,000 SF building
  • 4,000 SF reclaimed 100-year-old barn wood
  • 2,000 SF reclaimed pine planking
  • 500 SF oil soaked 2” x 14” joists (used for stair tread and counters)
  • 9’-0” tall 1930’s era empire chandelier (reclaimed from Miami, FL ballroom)
  • 5′-0″ tall half-pipe

Random Shout out

One of our esteemed colleagues toured the space during construction because his daughter wanted to book the space for her wedding.  He told the Owners “you’ll NEVER finish this project in time”…he then pulled his deposit.  The wedding was scheduled for October 2012 – we received our official occupancy permit in June 2012.

Thanks for the fuel!  We love a good challenge…btw, the price just doubled.

XOXO: Pendulum

The Guild…Rush Wade/2 Studios

Just east of McGee Street in the East Crossroads District of Downtown Kansas City, MO, there’s a rich sub-culture of artists, craftsman and design professionals that have formed a consortium of sorts; banding together to support a budding design oriented community.  At the forefront of this movement Rush Wade/2 Studios commissioned crossroads native and designer/fabricator Dale Frommelt of Egg Designs and Pendulum Studio to collaborate on the adaptive reuse of a very unique 12,000 square foot  building located at 16th and Locust.  The building consists of a 6,000 square foot barrel vault brick structure adjacent to an additional 6,000 square foot prefabricated metal structure with multiple slab elevations.  The intended new use for the buildings will include an event space (“The Guild”), photography shooting floor, and office/studio space for Rush Wade/2.  In addition to the existing building renovation, Pendulum, and Egg have started collaborating on plans to develop three adjacent lots across the alley on Cherry Street also owned by Rush Wade/2 that will be an “off-grid” outdoor green space and beer garden (“The Guild Gardens”).

Early Composite Sketch - North Building
Early Section Concept - North Building

Rebirth of Cool…No Need To Build New

In response to questions about why they didn’t build a new building, Co-Owner Lindsey Rush stated: “There’s something really cool about an older building that has outlived its original purpose.  There is a level of craftsmanship, detail and scale in old buildings that unfortunately is very rare these days, partly due to cost of materials, but also because current building codes make it almost impossible to replicate.  The simple elegance of the bow-string trusses in our south building would be four times as large if we designed them from scratch today.”

While the vintage exterior facade and interior structure contribute to the overall character of the buildings, the material palette chosen by the Ownership group and design team that consists of reclaimed lumber, white subway tile, and exposed steel columns and beams creates an undeniable contrast between old and new.  The angular geometries of the new interior program continues the contrasting dialogue and reflects the creative and forward thinking style of the Owners; simple, clean, and down to earth with an edge.

Construction is currently underway and set to be complete by October of this year.  The images below document our progress with demolition – we’ll add more images as construction continues.